In its first edition in 1996, Arvinis honored Genevan wines.

In honor of the event’s renaissance in Geneva, this attractive vineyard will be once more highlighted.

In Geneva, the city and the countryside intermingle surprisingly. Only ten kilometers away from the UN headquarters and the WTO, bucolic Garanoir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Merlot grapes give birth to ever more famous wines. The proximity of the Jura Mountains and the Prealps, like the influence of Lake Geneva and the Rhone, give rise to a mosaic of microclimates. Combined with significant heterogeneity of soils, this variety has encouraged winegrowers to diversify the traditional grape varieties based on Gamay and Chasselas. In this vineyard, which has always been a pioneer, the winemakers multiply the trials of new grape varieties to offer a cosmopolitan clientele a great diversity of original wines and character.

Benefit from the presence of the Guest of Honor to learn more about Genevan exhibitors and producers, but not only! You can also enjoy various tastings and competitions.
Furthermore, enjoy escaping with Geneva Rando, where more than 350km of footpaths on the Canton of Geneva are available, to discover all the richnesses of the soil and nature.


Between Thursday 14th and Sunday 17th November, four themes will be offered daily:

• The Spirit of Geneva

• Geneva sparkling wines

• Award-winning wines and special prices

• Resistants (Divico and Divona)

Le Rallye Gourmand est un parcours de 10 km dans la campagne genevoise à la rencontre des produits du terroir.

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